Welcome to Club Argonath, the resource for information about the business side of Argonath RPG and emergency information.

For 2015 we have decided to upgrade the site and add some new feautures regarding business. The financial reports on 2013 and 2014 are ready and presented, showing that we need to give some attention to monetizing the community in order to get closer to our goal of not losing money.

For this we have introduced a new way for donations. As of today we show the contributions by a crowdfunding application, where players can choose what to support and we can add specific projects and goals. Those who support a goal will be shown on the project, and it will be clear how much will be going where. For those members who are contributing by offering space on their own servers for our games the possibility to get direct donations to their project will also be available.

For those seeking more tangible opportunities we are changing our ad server software to a package that offers easy signup and management. Interested in your ad to replace Google ads? Just check our advertising area and see how simple you can reach a large target audience. We will offer Geotargetting, meaning you can be as specific as you wish in displaying to your audience.

Regardless of the efforts of our team, sometimes disaster strikes and things go off-air. For this we give here emergency updates. This site is on the eldest of our web accounts, and has been roch solid forever. While it can not handle the huge traffic that our forum produces, it is still extremely useful for smaller sites like groups and this one.